The Wrong Side of Right #Transgressive #Erotica #Excerpt

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Love's Last Refuge

TheWrongSideofRight-finalTony Mitchell lives a half-life of quiet desperation, a life of soul-sucking yearning, a life pockmarked with emptiness and unearned regrets. When the man in black leather punishes him with the promise of pain and the lure of desire, Tony’s life is forever changed. The man known as Tank opens up a world of possibilities, releasing Tony from his cell of self-loathing, but it takes a shocking act of brutality by Tony’s gang members to finally liberate Tony from the short tethers of his imagination.

Sometimes the body needs to break, sometimes it needs to bend… For Tony, the gateway to his deepest desires, his most compelling needs, opened when violence stripped him of his humanity and offered him so much more…

Tank dealt his version of vengeance, but he’s not equipped to handle the changes gnawing away at the innocent Tony had once been.



With the door closed…

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