Book REVIEW Video “Empty Chairs” by Suzanne Burke writing as Stacey Danson. Reviewed by Gwen Plano. #RRBC

How marvelous it is to have my book reviewed in this way. I am so honored to have  Gwen Plano feel strongly about my work. Please, pop over to the YouTube site and leave a comment on her video.

Thank you for dropping by.“>“>Amazon Preview

29 thoughts on “Book REVIEW Video “Empty Chairs” by Suzanne Burke writing as Stacey Danson. Reviewed by Gwen Plano. #RRBC

    1. 🌹Thank you so much, John. This tough ol’ thing is a marshmallow at the moment. My daughter and I both dissolved into hugs and tears as we listened. Gwen speaks so beautifully. I am so very humbled by her words.

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  1. Reblogged this on MarethMB and commented:
    Thank you, Gwen! You have the most amazing way of conveying the depths of emotions which come through in this book. I’m reblogging this review, which is a must hear and see for everyone. Thanks Suzanna for having such courage to write about such painful events.

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  2. A video review is something truly special – so glad for you, Suzanne as you deserve every accolade going for your book and for having the courage to tell your own story. ❤ Kudos to Gwen!!! ❤

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    1. 🌹Julie, how kind of you. Thank you. As for the pain of writing it … if I can make just one person open their eyes to what may be happening in their own world, it will have been worth every moment.


  3. I haven’t read this book but Gwen’s review is shared with amazing heart to match what I am sure is a difficult-to-read, yet inspiring story. Congratulations to Soooz, and beautifully presented, Gwen.

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  4. I’m in tears now and I refuse to wipe them away. I’m present in this moment with a most gracious heart. This is remarkable, truly remarkable.
    Thank you, Gwen, for sharing this powerful review of Soooz’s journey and celebrating her profound strength to defy such injustice.
    Soooz, I know this book will tear at my heart. I’m preparing myself for it. But I just have to say…there is such magnificent beauty in knowing you not only survived it, but here you are…one of the most generous, tender souls I have ever met. Blessing and hugs, my dear friend. XO

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    1. ❤️️ Natalie, my dear friend, thank you from the bottom of this weary old heart. Nothing I can say will prepare you, dear friend. The content is of necessity harrowing. Yet I have been truly blessed to be still here, and able to continue offering whatever I can give of my knowledge of this darkest of inhuman acts. I have seen many changes in my lifetime, and will continue to work as hard and for as long as I am physically able, to shine the spotlight into the darker recesses of these inhuman experiences. Gwen has greatly honored and touched me with the beauty and eloquence of her review. ❤️️

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